Frontend Web Developer

About me

I'm a Certified Fullstack Software Developer, courtesy of the University of Arizona Fullstack Coding Bootcamp. Additionally, I'm a great problem solver, critical thinker, and successfully meet my deadlines on time. I have experience collaborating in team environments and am equipped with up-to-date, industry-desired skills that will yield great results and leave clients satisfied.

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, React, Node, Express, Firebase, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL


Davis Mobile Detailing

This is a site I designed & built for a client who owns a car detailing business. Met with him to plan his vision for the site, which included 3 public pages to display information regarding his past projects and available package plans & a private admin dashboard. The dashboard grants him the ability to add: Projects, Reviews, Packages, & FAQs which immediately reflect on the public site.

React(hooks/context), Firebase(auth/db/storage), HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, Webpack, Formspree

My Marvel Review

This app, once signed in, lets the user write and view their own reviews about any Marvel character. The user can also search any character or comicbook from the Marvel API.

React(hooks), Firebase(auth/db), HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, Webpack, Axios, Marvel API

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